It is here that you will get the most up to date information concerning all things Chapman. You can read it first hand right here. Go behind the scenes and see what the Chapmans are up to, what's important to them, what projects they are working on, and their passions in life. After nearly two decades on television, film, and in print this dynamic duo are always on the go. They are inventive, creative, and have their fingers on the pulse of their audiences. They are both enchanting, very entertaining, and for the defendant on the run - very alarming.

This large blended family has much to offer to many. Each adult offspring is successful in their own right. Of course, having a set of parents like Dog & Beth has certainly set them on the right path. But, it doesn't stop there. Dog and Beth continue to provide parental guidance when needed. Now, third generation Chapmans are making their way in the business of bail and bounty hunting. They indeed have large shoes to fill. However, with Dog and Beth's guidance, they undoubtedly will succeed. Don't forget to checkout our Bounty Store. You can also read more official news here Dog News