The Dog Pound

Welcome to the Dog Pound! We are happy you're here. Pop a squat and see what one of the most elite fan clubs around has to offer. We have two levels of membership to choose from.

Dog and Beth have a couple of options to join the Dog Pound. This pop culture group know pretty much all there is to know about Dog, Beth, and the family.

Started over a decade ago, this growing group of loyal fans participate at many levels. Of course you can join the pound and keep up to date on current events. You can also join the pound and get access to information long before the public knows. You'll have access to information, footage, photos, events, and so much more!

Woof! Woof!


Membership includes authentic autographed photo of Dog & Beth, Replica signed photo of Dog & Beth, year subscription to chat room and fan forum, fan club tee, welcome letter from Dog, bracelet, and gain exclusive entrance into the secret media club.

$89.95 - Join


Premium membership includes a replica signed photo of Dog & Beth, year subscription to our chat room and fan forum, fan club tee shirt, a welcome letter from Dog, bracelet, and gain exclusive entrance into the secret media club.

$29.95 - Join


You can participate in other options and still remain in the loop.

Check out Dog's page for social media connections. Check out Beth's page too and connect with her directly. You'll also find the rest of the family!

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Breed history

The Dog Pound breed was developed nearly over a decade ago. It was the brainchild of Mrs. Dog when she wondered how she could reach out to the fans of the show. Make no mistake, Dog and Beth adore their fans. This is evident at every event and when they are simply going out to dinner. But, what could they do for this special breed that showed their undying love and affection? That's right, they created the Dog Pound.

This breed comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. They reside all over the world. Many stop by Da Kine Bail Bonds in Honolulu hopeful to meet any one of the Chapmans. Many just want a snap shot of the iconic sign on the window. You never know, you may catch one or more on any given day.

Dog and Beth began their careers in Denver Colorado. As fate would have it their paths crossed. He bonded her out of jail, then chased her to get the paperwork signed. He didn't have to chase her long. She surrendered :-). Fast forward a few years and they indeed blended families. In January 2003, Andrew Luster convicted in absentia in a Ventura, California court after jumping bail in the amount of $1,000,000. He remained at large until June 18th, 2003. Dog Chapman is who captured this convicted rapist.

After the Luster capture Dog and Beth were offered a show at A&E Television Network. The public became fascinated with this line of work. Due in large part to Dog and Beth, bail bonds and fugitive recovery became a household name.

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Auntie's Closet

Ever wonder what happens to Mrs. Dog's beautiful wardrobe? Well wonder no longer. She frequently lists these items for sale. She has never made this available to the public but she is now. Be the first to get one of a kind items out of Beth's closet.

Choose between some of the most gorgeous clothes ever made. Many items made specifically for Mrs. Dog. Many of the items were worn on the show; many items were worn at red carpet events, and at special events as well. Please click the link below to check out Auntie's Closet.

Auntie's Closet