Bounty Hunting

Duane "Dog" Chapman is a world renowned bounty hunter. He is a licensed bondsman and frequently coordinates with other bondsmen, bail agencies, and sureties to recover defendants and return them to custody.

Bounty hunting requires a unique skillset and Dog Chapman possess those skills. Having captured over 10,000 fugitives in his long career, it's not his 2nd nature, it's his first nature. You can see him in action on either of his television shows, Dog The Bounty Hunter, on A&E and on CMT, Dog and Beth on the Hunt. While the majority of cases are not resolved in an hour, the fact remains that they are resolved.

Dog has enjoyed over 35 years of hunt and capture. He has helped hundreds of bail agents and agencies in his lifetime. Perhaps his most famous capture and what catapulted him into the spotlight and shortly thereafter his own show was the Andrew Luster capture.

Andrew Luster, born December 15th, 1963 is the heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune. In 2000 Luster was ultimately charged with multiple sexual assaults where he used GHB to drug his victims. He then video recorded the events. After posting $1,000,000 bail he was released. Luster failed to appear in court in 2003 and was convicted in absentia. He received a 124 year sentence. Dog Chapman found him in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and brought him back to the border.

Luster is currently incarcerated at Mule Creek State Prison in California. On April 13, 2013 Judge Kathryne Stoltz reduced Luster's sentence to 50 years. Forty eight years was the sentence for the rape and 2 year for using drugs on his victims. He will be eligible for parol in 2028.

Dog welcomes inquires into his bounty hunting services. If you are a bail agent, agency owner, or surety and are in need of assistance please contact us here.